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Technical Message to All Visitors

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Internet Explorer Is Rubbish

If you're reading this it's most likely you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and read the little yellow message sticker on the right outside the main page.

So, what's the problem?

There should be a beautiful image of The Little Book Of Happiness or the Paths of Wisdom board game, but you can't see the whole image - Microsoft Internet Explorer cut off the image outside the page border (it's technical, don't worry about this bit).

This is one or many known issues with Mircorosft Internet Explorer. 


Because Microsoft Internet Explorer is NOT a compliant standard browser, it reads web pages differently from other, standards-compliant browsers and chops good web site designs up into nasty little pieces.


Upgrade your web browser and enjoy web sites the way they were supposed to be viewed and designed.

You will be able to enjoy a better web browsing experience.

You will be able to enjoy better features, because Internet Explorer is a cheap, out-of-date and badly designed rubbish product. 

You will be able to enjoy web sites the way they were designed.

And you will be helping improve the internet and everyone's experience.

These Are Recommended FREE Browsers

SeaMonkey Web Browser ProjectSeaMonkey - www.seamonkey-project.org
This is one of the greatest all-in-one browser packages as it includes a web browser, a complete e-mail package, web designer if you ever want to produce your own simple web sites, and more.

It's based on one of the very first and most successful web browser packages - the old Netscape system, which almost defeated Internet Explorer in the early years.  It's kept constantly up-to-date with frequent up-dates, patches, and new features from an avid community of enthusiasts who devote their free time to making everyone's experience better.  Many of its features are, eventually, adopted in Internet Explorer, but not all. 
A single package with everything:  SeaMonkey


Firefox Mozilla Browser ProjectFirefox - A stand-alone browser, no added goodies, just the lean browsing experience.  Again a spin-off from early work on Netscape many years ago, but split off to concentrate on browsing with none of the other features. Again, this is constantly up-dated with improvements and new features.

Both of the above packages are compliant with international web standards for format and layout.  Both offer features more advanced than Internet Explorer, and both do not cut off beautiful images when outside their page layout box.

Download one of these FREE browsers today and see these pages how they were meant to be seen.

Please, whatever you do, help the world, free yourself of Microsoft Internet Explorer.   

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Another Sample of IE Wonkiness

Did you enjoy the slideshow on the home page while using Internet Explorer?
Did you see the little navigation buttons underneath?
Did they look odd or confusing?

Internet Explorer Strikes Again!
Internet Explorer ruined a beautiful piece of design by ignoring the special instructions and blatently giving you its own uniquely wonky interpretation.

Here is an illustration of what you see with Internet Explorer breaking the web site, and how it ought to look in a superior browser like SeaMonkey or Firefox.

The Webmaster Has Spoken

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Book of Happiness Animation

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Link to buy the Book of Happiness, inspired by British prime Minister David Cameron's Happiness IndexKeys: 
Internet Explorer cuts PNG image if margin is outside the DIV.
Internet Explorer cuts PNG image if picture overlaps DIV boundary.
Part of the image is missing from my web page.
IE doesn't show whole PNG images if floated outside DIV layers.
Alternative browsers to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Recommended standards-compliant web browsers.

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