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Funding Creative Projects

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Fund-Raising - The Limited Edition

If you've ever heard of "Crowd Funding" you will already know a little about this idea - people who support an innovative project make a small contribution to help it launch. Here is a different idea: everyone who buys a copy of the Limited Edition is contributing to a single fund and a plan to create opportunities for new business development and community action to lift us all out of recession.   

Action For ProsperityThis is not a political campaign or protest activity.  It is a practical programme of new ideas, new innovations in business, science, technology, design, the arts.  This is a real "Plan B" for the economy's revival. 

The Book Of Happiness is one example of this innovative and creative effort.  This is your opportunity to support more ideas and innovations to-come.

This is Action For Prosperity.  Icon to Buy the Student Edition of Book of Happiness now.



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NOT An Investment/Tell Everyone

To avoid any doubt, each contribution is a purchase of the Limited Edition Book Of Happiness.  This is not an investment in any project and no shares, securities or other guarantees are offered to anyone at this stage. 

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Icon to Buy the Student Edition of Book of Happiness now.

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